CASD-01 Automatic Single Swing Door ₹ 100000.00
CASD-02 Automatic Double Swing Door ₹ 187500.00


Door Parameter
Single Leaf Maximum Opening
1200mm x 2400mm
Maximum Door Weight Single Leaf
100kg to 130kg (Single Door)
Features and Advantages
  1. Intelligent control system.
  2. Drive equipment with low noise
  3. Advanced brushless motor and worm wheel reducer are integrated.
  4. Special self-locking function without any addition components.
  5. Double door interlock function
  6. Apply to doors for garage, usage of anti-radiantion for hospitals, warehouses, science and technology factories, barrier-free space, commercial building, shopping mall, etc.
  7. To connect with safety and Security system.
  8. Easy installation & Easy Maintenance.